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Summer Bucket List

Summer is upon us! Summer time is perhaps the second most exciting time of the year, behind Christmas of course! This time of the year calls for new clothes, new adventures, and new vacation spots. The days are longer, hotter, and in need of things to fill them! 


Here are a few things that I’m looking forward to doing this summer!

  1. VACATION!!! I would love to vacation some place new this summer. Currently, I have a New York and Mexico trip in the works for this summer, so fingers crossed! I have never really had the opportunity to vacation often in my past, but this summer I have made it a goal of mine to save up as much as I can and take a couple trips! 

  2. Travel some place new. Although I already mentioned vacationing this summer, I would love to just simply travel and sight-see somewhere that I have never been before. 

  3. Save up for the future and future vacations. This goal is important for me because I would love to also save up a bit for a spring break trip next spring. Although it's very far in advance, there isn't much time to over-work and save money during the school year. I would also love to just save some money so that I can take a little break from work during the school year. 

  4. Visit new cafes/restaurants. During my vacations this summer, I plan on trying new restaurants that are unavailable to me in Arizona, and restaurants that I have never tried before. Even though I'm a pretty picky person, I would love to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to food. 

  5. Post YouTube videos and blogs weekly. Although this is always a goal of mine, I have actually committed to posting YouTube videos weekly this summer. This is a lot harder to do during the school year because I'm already drowning in school work and work, and adding more work on top of all that is just too much! 

  6. Clear up my skin. So far, this goal has come along pretty nicely! Ever since I got out of school, my acne has greatly               diminished, for obvious reasons. However, I have recently started washing my face at night and really taking care of my       hair as well. Since then, my acne has disappeared and my skin is smooth. 

  7. Take a few really good editorial photoshoots. Photoshoots are just so fun! This summer, I would love to get in a few              good photo sessions so that I can add to my portfolio. This is the summer where I would like to seriously work on my          modeling technique, including my runway walk and photoshoot skills.

What are your plans for this summer?

*cover picture courtesy of @theravenlyn on Instagram