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Favorite Accessories

Accessories are my best friends and they should be yours too! They can dress up any outfit and make you look put together, even if you’re just wearing sweatpants. Not all accessories have to be Cartier or Gucci to make you look good, they can just be simple, and cheap, or even just a pair of fancy little sunglasses.

Here's a look at a few of my favorite pieces.

1.  Earrings: The earrings that I wear the most are my hoops. I love hoop earrings because they usually have more character to them! All of my earrings have been gifts from my dad so I can’t exactly say where I got them from because I didn’t buy them… However, I love them and I wear them everyday!

2.  My bracelet: This bracelet has been with me since I was a little girl; it’s been through it all. It’s been lost, found, and beat up. But it’s still here and I only take it off when I have to!

I once lost it in a huge grass field at my elementary school when I was about 9 years old and I was devastated. But about a year later, once all hope was lost of me ever finding it, I saw something shiny in that same field and it was my bracelet!

What are the odds of me finding my bracelet a whole year later? After the field has been mowed, cut, rained on, and whatever else happens to fields in a year. It was truly a miracle, which is one of the reasons this bracelet is so special to me. 


3.  Rings: This pink square ring is also very special to me. My dad and I found it in a pawn shop when it had a purple stone in it and I fell in love. However, I had a different stone in mind… The stone that is currently in it was one of my dad’s stones that he kept for years and gave to me to put in a future ring. (I also begged him for it for a whole year lol)

This purple oval ring was the first ring I ever bought for myself; that’s why it’s special to me. I love the slim band and the setting of the stones.


The dark pink circular ring is one that I had my eye on for a while. It reminded me of a princess crown which is why I loved it; because who doesn’t want to feel like a princess?

4.  Pink necklace: This necklace is also a special one because it wasn’t bought specifically for me. My dad showed it to me one day and I was obsessed! I’m not too sure who it was for or why he kept it for so long, but I feel like it was meant for me.

5.  Shoes: Now these two may not be my most comfortable pairs of shoes, but they’re definitely my favorites! They're both classy in their own ways. 


These black Forever 21 pumps are perfect for professional and business casual looks because they look good with everything and are actually pretty comfortable. And for the price I got them for (about $20), they're perfect for me!


My sparkly, silver Charlotte Russe pumps are perfect for parties and other formal, fun events. They're definitely not as comfortable as my black pumps, but they sure are pretty!

6.  Hair pieces: I love scrunchies with a passion; they’re perfect for everyday use and they’re super cute! I just recently got these colorful hair clips off Amazon for 5 bucks and I love them; they get my hair out of my face and they come in the best colors.

7.  Sunglasses: These geometric cat-eye sunglasses from Target are my favorite sunglasses; they fit well, go with any look, and they’re super cool! I don’t usually wear sunglasses but I have quite a few… and when I am wearing sunglasses, it’s usually these.

8.  Purses: This black shoulder bag from Goodwill has got to be one of my best finds at Goodwill. It matches everything and it gives me major 90’s vibes! One of my other favorite purses is this blue suede one from Forever 21. I love the gold chain and Tiffany blue color.

What are your favorite accessories?