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College and moving are both hard enough by themselves, and when you mix the two at the same time it can sometimes be a nightmare. However, I am here to make both of those things a bit easier! Just like the school supplies checklists teachers would give your parents in grade school, I will be giving you a nifty checklist for the essential items you will need in your apartment this year!

for the...


  • comfy sheets & a backup set of sheets

  • comforter (try out this one from Amazon!)

  • a cute desk (Ikea has great choices)

  • two pillows

  • pillow cases (I recommend satin ones from Amazon)

  • organizational bins/baskets

  • optional: iron

  • optional: bookshelves are great for décor and are very functional! (Ikea: option 1 & option 2)


  • pots & pans (preferably non-stick)

  • spatulas

  • a set of plates, bowls & glasses (I highly recommend you go to the Dollar Store!)

  • a set of silverware (I recommend Target's)

  • toaster 

  • microwave (if it's not already there)

  • measuring utensils (if you're one for cooking!)

  • a few cutting knives

  • dish drying rack

  • dish scrubbers/sponges

  • oven mitts 

  • optional: blender! (Walmart)


  • couch (most important! Wayfair, OfferUp, and Overstock usually have great deals)

  • coffee table (the one I recently purchased from Walmart!)

  • dining set/bar stools

  • lamp 

  • television

  • optional: printer (BestBuy has cheap options; this one is currently on sale)


  • shower curtain with hooks & liner (check out TJMaxx!)

  • bath towels (Target & Walmart have the best deals)

  • bath mat

  • optional: toilet seat cover